’ World’s Soft Classic ( Cross Over Music )

Fantastically lyrical …

A little bit Saudade

So much Rieko’s Cocktail … 

 A voice well mastered through the study of classical singing.
A wide and deep voice.
That sometimes sings like one tells a story.
That sometimes roars with intensity.

〜 French 〜

< Koi Lai lai la ! Paris >

Music & Lyrics by Rieko Sakurai

My heart danse always in Paris …
With the voice of a lively Japanese singer in Paris, who succeeds to revive the « Belle Epoque » spirit
on her unforgettable and captivating melody.
A travel through time that awaits you on the light and happy sound of the accordion, piano and celesta.
Let’s join the borderless music by Rieko

L’Hymne à L’amour 

< Septembre > : included in the CD  

Musique : Sophie MAKHNO, 
Lyrics : Barbara

After the surprising tunes in the baroque style
and the pure and transparent sound of the piano
the deep and sweet voice caresses your heart ‘
‘ Quel joli temps … ’
You will probably surprise yourself crooning the melody altogether

< L’âme des poètes > : included in the CD

Musique &  Lyrics : Charles TRENET

One of the most sung French melodies in the world in many different styles
Rieko chose to simply sing along with a classical piano
and this simplicity highlights her unique and refreshing interpretation
‘ Longtemps, longtemps, longtemps … ‘
for such a long time we waited for this interpretation…

< La vie en rose > : included in the CD

Musique &  Paroles : Edith PIAF

Almost a national hymn..This melody is famous worldwide.
The murmured voice, along with the Soft Jazz piano, double bass and percussions
expresses the feeling of the lady who only sees her life in rose without exaggeration…
The piano arrangement in the Chopin style offers a culminating point
then takes us back to the Soft Jazz style
This is a true fusion of Soft Jazz &  Classical music
The voice connects the 2 different genres without strain

You will surely notice the virtuosity of the talented pianist Yuka

 The video will be available on Youtube by the end of july

〜 Musical & Film Music 〜

L’amore sei tu ( I will always love you… )


< Se > : included in the CD  

Musique &  Paroles : Ennio & Andrea MORRICONE

The Portuguese guitar with its Iberic touch expresses the loving and pure feeling of a boy.
Rieko, who lived in Rome, feeds her interpretation on the Italian spirit

< Moon River...  > ~ la version surprise ~


〜 Japonese Animation 〜  from Miyazaki Animation 

Princess Mononoke 


 < Kazeno torimichi ( from Totoro ) > : included in the CD  

Musique &  Paroles : Jo HISAISHI

Concert à Gala au Hotel Fairemont Monaco

The piano represents the mysterious and generous Japanese wind,
coming from the depth of the forest.

Then suddenly another wind comes from nowhere
The Portuguese guitar comes in with its unique and exotic feel.
The heavenly voice draws the scenes that unfold between the winds
in the majestic forest… somewhere in Japan…
The three voice chorus created and sung by Rieko brings the Japanese forest to life,
surrounding Totoro.
And offers a fantastic trip to Japan.

The « Live » video will be available on Youtube by the end of july


     < Always with me ( from Sen to Chihiro ) > : included in the CD 

Musique : Yumi KIMURA, Paroloes : Wakako KAKU

This is a hit, that sings the mystery of life and human saga

The adaptation by Rieko, with the musical accompaniment of the Portuguese guitarist 
and the classical guitarist who applies a bohemian style that inspires us to continue our journey in search of happiness in life.
The tune wonderfully succeeds in the fusion of the Japanese voice, the Portuguese instrument
and the feeling of the two countries that first encountered almost 500 years ago in Japan.
Now a new cultural encounter is happening through Japanese music in Paris.

This song  rightfully deserves to symbolise the cultural friendship between the two countries
The specialty of Rieko that is the creation of a three voice chorus uplifts the beauty of the main melody
The song becomes even more nostalgic, spirited and joyful.
As soon as the tune ends you will probably want to listen to it again right away
«  Lututu tululu… Lututu tululu… »

~ Classic ~


Baroque : Haendel, Vialdi, Purcel

 Avec Maître Henri ALBERT :
Le Président de L’Ensemble Orchestral et Choral des Alpes de La Mer


Les melodies françaises 

Les aires d’Opéra 

Les chants Sacrés 

〜 Standard Jazz 〜


< Misty > Français & Anglais
French Words by Rieko Sakurai

〜 Portugase Music & Modern Fado 〜
First foreign singer officially licensed by Jorge Fernando
who is icon of Portuguese Music to
write lyrics for his music


Fado much more poetic with lyrical voice

< Kitto... C'est la vie > 

Official Japanese Version
Included in the CD

Words by Rieko Sakurai
Music by Jorge Fernando

This hit has got a new style with the chorus arrangement of Rieko, her Japanese poem and voice.

< Ai vida... ( Tomei na Toki ) > 

Version officeile Portugaise & Japanese Portuguese
Words & Music by Jorge Fernando
Japanese Words by Rieko Sakurai

«  Oh…Life…when I think about life I feel totally empty
and I become a flower that swings in the wind »

< Ausente >

Portuguse Words & Music by Jorge Fernando
Japanese Words by Rieko Sakurai
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCTbthhewtc

< Coimbra >: Included in the CD 

Musique : José GALHARDO, Paroles : Raul FERRÃO 

The sound of daydreaming…
the sound of heaven
Between the harp and luth…

The lyrical voice accompanied by Apollo on the earth.
The Fado music of Coimbra is more poetic and melodious.
The historical and academic town, symbol of love, is brought to life by this melody.

The feat of one guitarist : Filipe ( Portuguese guitarist )
For this tune, he played the Portuguese guitar 4 times and the classical guitar 3 times

< Vaga > : Included in the CD  

Musique : Katia GUERREIRO & João VEIGA,
Paroles : Rodrigo SERRÃO

This is the challenge of 2 Japanese women in Paris who share a great passion for beautiful music.

In tune with the the spirit and soul of the Portuguese Fado,
with a taste of lyrical music and the technique of Soft Jazz.
Fantastically lyrical, a little bit saudade and so much RIEKO’s Cocktail…

A more lyrical fado with the piano and double bass
A glass of cocktail in one hand
The romantic glow of a candle light
The oceans will spread in front of you…

Boa Viagem! to « Cocktail Fado »

< Fado da Despedida ( Lisoboa foi meu fado ) > : Included in the CD  

This song was written for the musical « Amalia », .
Liana ( the Diva of Fado ) sang it along with a symphonic orchestra.
The adaptation by Rieko takes an opposite course.
She chose the Portuguese guitar and classical guitar instead.

Her fados are receiving positive criticism from Portuguese journalists in Paris & Lisbon

Musique & Parloes : Filipe La FERIA


RIEKO’s Music
Music attracts me and echoes in my heart
on the sound of the Portuguese , French, Italian, English and Japanese languages,
It is a well shaken cocktail

Music fills my heart in every situation
It is a present offered just for us humans…

We can share it in sadness and joy
We can soothe suffering and give hope…

This is the magic of music
This is the charm of music
Music that connects the hearts

It is the music I love…
To the joy of music…

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


〜〜〜〜〜 Rieko’s CD will warm your heart 〜〜〜〜〜

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